Mother and daughter, Dawn and Darrah

MY Story.


Try MY T was started in 2016 by my daughter who was in the middle of completing her fine art degree and needed extra money for art supplies and college expenses. Unfortunately for her, the Bank of Mom and Dad was closing for good. She was given a family iced tea recipe and one last withdrawal from the Bank of Mom and Dad that helped her start her side business.

With my support, my daughter began sampling and selling cups of Try MY T to friends, at school, events, local parks and wherever else she could think of. She would ask “Will you Try MY T?” And, the answer was always “Sure!” That’s how the name “Try MY Tea” came to be, and little did we know, MY Tea (as our customers affectionately call it) took on a life of its own.

After my daughter graduated from college, she passed the torch on to me. I love seeing people happy and passionate about MY Tea. And I’m excited to spread joy one sip at a time.


This is MY story now, “Will you Try MY T?”

"Try MY T aims to increase the quality of life through taste."

- Dawn Patton, CEO